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  Acadia 2007
  Arches Park
  Atlantic City
  Boston 2002
  Boston 2016
  Boston May 2005
  Bushkill Falls
  Cape May
  Carlsbad caverns
  Duke Gardens
  Finger Lakes
  Finger Lakes 2014
  Finger Lakes 2015
  Georgia Trip Dec 2012
  Grand Teton Park
  Gulf Coast Florida 2017
  Ithaca Trip 2002
  Lake Placid 2006
  Las Cruces
  Las Vegas
  Las Vegas 2006
  Lesha s visit
  Longwood Gardens
  Longwood Gardens Oct 2005
  Los Angeles
  Miami 2008
  Minnewaska August 2005
  Nevada 2008
  New Mexico 2009
  New Mexico 2016
  New Orleans 2016
  New York
  Niagara Falls
  Niagara With Ester
  Niagara with Sofa
  Northern New Mexico
  Orlando Nov 2016
  Parks 2002
  Philly with Roma and Eugene
  Pittsburgh and Palace of Gold
  Princeton March 2005
  Salt Lake City
  San Diego
  San Francisco
  San Francisco 2012
  Santa Fe Trip 2013
  Saratoga Springs Oct 2016
  Six Flags
  Southwest 2006
  Southwest 2009
  Upper NY parks
  Valley of Fire 2006
  VLA and Volcano
  Washington Apr 2017
  Washington April 2012
  Washington May 2015
  Washington Sep 2010
  West Coast Apr 2014
  White Sands
  Yellowstone Park

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