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Boys will be boys

Denis kissing parrot

Denis Natalya and ocean

Denis Natalya in Dezerland

Denis with parrot1

Denis with parrot2

Enjoying sun

Everything is green

Feeding racoons

First Pic in Florida

Fountains and Palms at night

Funny Jane

Girls in Miami

Girls with parrot1

Girls with parrot2

Important passenger

In Mexican Restaurant

Jane after swimming

Jane at Miami Beach

Jane Denis with racoon

Jane in Miami Beach

Jane kissing parrot

Jane Mike in Dezerland

Jane Mike riding on boat

Jane pampering crocodile

Kissing in Miami

Looking for landing spot

Mike in colorful Miami

Mike in Miami Beach

Mike touching crocodile

Natalya after swimming

Natalya at Miami Beach

Natalya funny too

Natalya on the beach

On Everglades swamps

Photohunter Mike

Pulp Fiction car

Run Denis run

Smiling allegator

South end of USA

Spy talk

Summer in November feels good

Sunset in KeyWest

Swamp bird

Swamp in evening

Swamp in evening2

Swimming in Miami

We and ocean

We in Miami Beach

We like Miami

Welcome to Miami Sequarium

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