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A moment please

A view with bridge on Lake Tahoe

A view with water

After turn on ice

Almost there

Another view

Beautiful Lake

Coming soon

Enchanting view

Enjoying snow

Here we are

Ice monster

Jane and Lake Tahoe

Jane and tiny snowman

Jane in snowy forest

Jane Mike are ready to skate

Jane Mike near Lake Tahoe

Jane Mike near Lake Tahoe2

Jane Mike on Lake Tahoe

Jane Mike with snowmanjpg

Jane Nata preparing to skate

Jane on ice

Lets drink together

Nata Denis near Leake Tahoe

Nata Jane with snowman

Nata Mike skating

Nata near Lake Tahoe

On the ice ring

Skating is fun

Small girls with snowman

Take a guess

View on forest

View with Nata

We with snowman

Winter picture

With forests gifts

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