Hot Texas

   Also we had a vacation during the 1998 summer and we visited Corpus Christi, Austin and San Antonio in Texas state. It was very exciting trip! By that time we had a new car and a 1 month old driver license. So, we took 2 weeks off and decided to reach Atlantic ocean.
   So we drove from Las Cruces to Corpus Christi whole day. At the beginning we had a small problem with police. We were going 80mp/h with limit 70mp/h and this fact taxes police didn't like. But we were lucky and Mike's just got a warning :)
   Our route was going through San Antonio where we need to change highway to proceed further to Corpus Christi. It exited 3 times from the highway trying to find the correct exit, finally we did it but it costed about 1.5 hour...
So, we arrive at Corpus Christi Sunday evening and couldn't find a hotel with a available room. So, we spent night in a terrible cheap hotel but the next day we moved to a very cool and luxury hotel with swimming pool. What's Corpus Christ? It's not big city at the Mexican bay coast on the south of Texas. It has a small downtown and nice promenade by the ocean. It has an island nearby where all the luxury hotels and apartments are. Several days we were swimming in the ocean that was very very warm and had a lot of waves :) The water is very salty there. The weather was so ot and humid that you should be either inside the building or swim in the ocean or pool. We visited Lexington (very big military ship since World War II), now it's a museum. It was interesting to research so big ship, we even visited it twice. Also we visited Aquarium (pretty), Museum of Science and History with Columbus's ships there. These ships are models of Columbus fleet and they were built in Spain and then they crossed the Atlantic ocean and were put in Corpus Christi. BTW, there are a lot of seafood restaurants in the city.
   After 6 days there we moved to Austin , the capital of Texas state. And again Mike had problem with police , this time we just entered the highway at 70mp/h and police stopped us. We didn't get it but found that the road is under construction and speed limit is 50mp/h here. How in the hell could we know about it? I guess policeman thought so to, we've got a warning again. Before reaching Austin we visited Natural Bridge Caverns and Wild Safari. Safari was very cool, that people can even enter the cell with small animals.
   We liked Austin very much and it's so green and friendly city and it's very hot too. We had a trip to State Capitol, beautiful old building. Its architecture is similar to the one in Washington. Also we found IBM there. Actually we wanted to take a picture near IBM building but it was so difficult because all IBM buildings and factories are inside enclosure with very restricted entrances... We were very disappointed by this fact :( Actually Austin is a high-tech city and there are a lot of software /hardware companies. It's very interesting that Austin is a real city with many big building, many theatres and music bars and a lot of hi-tech firms! We visited one bar where two men were playing on the piano together. It was wonderful!
   After Austin we moved again but at this time to San Antonio. It's third big city in the Texas. The most exciting thing was Six Flag Fiesta Texas. It's a park with many attractions with american rides and etc. Yeah, it's something scaring but very funny, great and a lot of impressions. We tried all of the rides and were very excited! San antonio is a big city and there a so many cars and so car jams... It has a nice river walk with many restaurants, shops and etc...
   On the way home we visited Sonora Caverns and we liked them. These are very small caverns but it has non ordinary natural structures in it. We returned home happy to feel that we researched great Texas in just two weeks!