San Diego Trip

   On Christmas holidays,1997 we had a great trip to San Diego, California. Actually it was our first trip in US. We only spent 3 months in Las Cruces, had no car, only bike...  But we always had this sense of adventure what our friends know about and we had relatives living in San Diego. Actually I saw these relatives about 15 years ago and didn't remember them but it was a great reason to see California!!!
   So we bought tickets on Greyhound and left Las Cruces just before Christmas. Thanks to Eugene who dropped and picked up us near Greyhound station. After night driving we arrived to San Diego and easily found our relatives. Next 3 days we were on our own exploring the city. You know, San Diego has very good metro system with many trams and buses, so we were ok even without a car. We visited downtown on Christmas day and all the restaurants were closed that we hardly found some chinese place where we could get some food :-) Looks like Americans really do nothing on Christmas except sitting home with family... San Diego has a ferry what goes to the Coronado Island, beautiful island with many nice houses and a great old hotel. We just loved this island, it is so clean, houses are so good-looking that I'd buy them all! And there is a great view from ferry and island to the city...
   Everybody told us about great San Diego Zoo and Sea World. We've been in Zoo, it's really big andhas many cool animals but it is so CROWDY. We were exhausted after visiting it and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Mike was very disappointed :(
   The famous Sea World was a different story, there were many people too but they were spread out and this park was just great experience. We saw all the possible aquariums, pavilions, and several shows. These shows with marine animals are the best and very exciting. On the last show we were sitting on the first row and we've got completely wet but it was so funny ... If somebody wants to go to San Diego, our advice is to skip Zoo and go directly to Sea World.
I forgot to mention that San Diego is a home of our english teacher who was in Chelyabinsk the summer 1997. Before leaving Russia we took month long english course at the university where she was teaching it. Honestly she is a great teacher and very interesting person. So, we actually met in La Jolla. It was very exciting to see her in San Diego now. She likes La Jolla and we also liked it with all the beaches, cliffs, small shops and restaurants around.
   We returned back to Las Cruces just before New Year and brought this warm feeling about sunny California with us...