Princeton campus

I'm not going to write about a particular trip to Princeton. We've been there multiple times by now. So this is a collective mix of thoughts ...

The most impressive place there is of course university campus. There are very grande structures and one should enter thru the main gate via a small park. The most beautiful buildings are library and two main churches but even student dorms are built in the gothic style and look very cozy outside. I've heard that inside the student room are mostly tiny though. There are many cool sculptures scuttered around the campus including a monument dedicated to September 11 victims. We also love the fountain that is located on the other side of Washington ave. Kids usually play in it in summer months. Princeton campus also has an interesting Art Museum. It contains various paintings from medieval to impressionsts era, pottery and ceramics, and different art from around the world. It's open on weekend too and free!

Nassau street cuts thru the heart of Princeton and there are many dozens small shops, cafes and restaurants. It's hard to find a parking spot there on a weekend. So you can spend half a day shopping there: clothes, candy store, used books store, shoes and etc. If you are hungry just pop in 'Panera Bread' for a quick fix or pick something fancier for a sitdown meal (for example, Teresa's at Palmer Square is a good lunch choice). People opinions vary on the goodness of restaurants there as many of them are just overpriced but everyone agrees on the best ice-creamery in town. If you are in Princeton, you gotta visit 'Bent Spoon'. It's located on the Palmer square and always flooded with people. Their homemade ice-cream and hot chocolate are out of this world!

If you like movies you can always go into Princeton movie theatre that is really small but they usually show art-deco movies for true Princetonians. There is also McCarter Theatre located on the campus grounds. It offers plays, music, dance and etc performance almost all year around. Their plays are always highly regarded and often make their way to a Broadway.

And if it's a summer time and you have plenty of time you can rent a canoe or a kayak and enjoy the canal this way. The renting place is located near the Alexander road on the way from Princeton to Rt 1.

Of course greater Princeton has much more to offer. There is a well-known Marketplace mall with huge movie theatre and big Barnes&Noble attached to it. One can spend ours drinking coffee, browsing books and magazines, listening to the music there.... Few good restaurants are nearby such as PF Chang's, Big Fish and Macaroni Grill. They all are located along Rt 1 next to the mall.

Created on Wednesday, June 03, 2009