Just Philadelphia

   Everybody knows that Philadelphia is a very old and famous city in american history. Let's check out what we think about it!
   I've heard a lot about it and so we decided to spend a weekend in August,2000 and see this former US capital. You know there are not much to see for not americans because it has many 'old' historical buildings. For example, you can walk inside the building where Declaration of Independence was signed and etc. But it's not interesting to see I assure you. You can imagine...
   Besides those there are many cool modern and not very modern monuments. Philly is famous for its good restaurants and it's true. We've been in French restaurant and very expensive Italian bar. There were great and food was yummy... At the same time downtown isn't impressive and there are very poor districts located nearby. While we were searching some place we found ourselves in the poor black district with many parked cars on the both sides of the one-way road, dirty streets and huge empty buildings :-((
   Philly has many museums many of them are good. We visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rodin museum. First one is very impressive and much better than Metropolitan in New York. Rodin museum is a small but has many famous Rodin's statues and it's really nice too.
   After that first time we visited Philly couple times more. If you like seafood don't forget to visit Devon restaurant in the downtown, it's a very fancy place. Also it's exciting to eat at the Nile restaurant on the Saturday night listening arabic music and watching a beautiful belly dancer... And if you have kids you could spend a day at Philadelphia Zoo which is very cool and has good exhibits if you could find parking spot :-)