Our Trips

Some people like to sit at home and watch TV, others like jogging every weekend and we do too but we LOVE to travel. Back in Russia we didn't have many possibilities to do it often because we studied at the university and didn't have much time, money, and ways to travel. But even there summer and winter holidays are "must-travel" time. After arriving to US we've got a car, and money, and time (when there is no rush at work). So, all these facts together mean only one thing - don't sit at home, jump in a car and drive to some new and interesting places!!! So here you'll find the descriptions of our various trips around the world including useful links to the travel destinations. And now we've lived in USA for a long while and have a family however we still continue our travel adventures... just not enough time to describe them all :-) (Many unfinished stories but so little time ...)

Travel inside US

International travel

Impressions about Las Cruces, NM and US (1997)

First time out of country - Greece (1996)

Nice sunny San Diego, CA (1997)

From Russia with hope (1997)

Hot summer in Austin, Corpus Christi and San Antonio, TX (1998)

Dirty Juares, Mexico (1998)

Breath-taking experience - Grand Canyon, AZ & Santa Fe, NM (1998)

Lovely Toronto and Niagara Falls, Canada (1999)

Beautiful Carlsbad caverns, NM (1998)

Best vacation - Dominican Republic (2000)

Small trip to VLA, NM (1999)

 Elegant Paris,France (2000)

Adventurous moving from NM to NJ (1999)

 Alone in Egypt (2001)

Crowdy New York, NY (1999)

 Exploring French Canada (2001)

Longwood Gardens, PA (1999 - ...)

Bahamas Paradise (2003)

Adventures in Niagara Falls, NY (1999 - ...)

 Enchanted Spain (2004)

Thrilling experience in Six Flags and Wild Safari parks, NJ (1999)

Russia after 6 years (2004)

Historically boring Philadelphia, NJ (1999)

 Toronto with Friends (2005)

The capital - Washington, DC (1999)

 Having fun in Amsterdam and Belgium (2006)

Skiing in Catskill mountains, NJ (2000)

 Another side of the world - Japan (2008)

Trying keep the money - Atlantic city, NJ (2000)

Everything is 'No problem' in India (2009)

Experiencing Harvard and Boston, MA (2000)

La Bella Italia! (2010)


Princeton campus, NJ (2000-...)

First Time in Southern Hemisphere - Chile (2011)

Giant Shenandoah park and simple caverns,VA (2000)

Majestic Iceland (2012) 

Hilly San Francisco, CA (2000)

 Good beer and dessert in Austria and Germany (2012)

Beautiful Yosemite Park, CA (2000)

The weather is always great in Mexico (2012)

Victorian Cape May, NJ (2000 - ...)

First Time Cruising to Bahamas (2013)

New Year in Los Angeles,CA (2001 New Year)

Summertime in Hong Kong and Singapore (2013)

Rainy Baltimore, MD (2001)

Las Vegas - City of Wonders, NE (2001)

Acadia Park, ME (2001)

Miami in November, FL (2001)

Snowy Lake Tahoe, NV (2002 New Year)

Jazzy Memphis and Nashville, TN (2003)

Geysers in Yellowstone Park, WY (2005)

Long Hike in Grand Tetons, WY (2005)

Hot Arches Park, UT (2005)

Mormon Salt Lake City, UT (2005)

Las Vegas II (2006)

Christmas in Lake Placid, NY (2006)

Thanksgiving in Niagara Falls and Toronto with kids (2007)

Kids favorite vacation - Miami, Florida (2008)

Thanksgiving in Stowe, Vermont (2008)

Southwest All Over Again (2009)

New Year Weekends in Lake Placid (2010,2011,2012)

Visiting the capital – Washington DC (2010, 2012)

Too cold in Atlanta (2012)

Artsy Santa Fe (2013)

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