Crowdy New York

   After arriving to NJ and hard-working first month my mother arrived from Russia at May, 1999. And we made many short trips to the famous New York with her. Actually New York doesn't have very many attractions, I'd say just several spots... and you should like to walk along with other hundred people around...
   Do you like the top picture? Isn't it a great view on the downtown of NY? It was taken from Jersey city's promenade. It's a good place to overlook NYC downtown.
   We've been on the top of both Empire State Building and World Trade Center. You know, it's scarier on the twins because they are really higher :) We visited Liberty Island and waited for 2 hours to go to the top of Statue of Liberty. Once on the top we were very disappointed, there is very small room and no good view at all. To all future visitors: don't wait for the top, just go to the second level and you'll see great view of NY without dying in the queue...
   NYC has many museums which is a good thing. We've been in several like Metropolitan museum (very big, not extremely impressive though), Museum of Modern Art (the best, has variety of real masterpieces), Guggenheim Museum (nice collection, interesting architecture of the building itself) and Sea-Air-Space Museums ( has many planes and a submarine with long visitors line). Also NYC has many theaters especially on Broadway. We've been on several shows and they are very colorful but very simple. Mike doesn't like them at all and I consider them as light-weight shows but not a real theater. If you really like theaters there is still a lot to see. There are Metropolitan Opera and Ballet. American Ballet is bad and performers just don't know how to dance but the opera is very good. Many famous singers perform there and it's very exciting to be and listen stars! Don't forget about many theaters, orchestras and dance companies what visit this city. Sometimes you can see really exciting dancers... We also liked international summer festival in Lincoln Center, there were very many classical and avant-garde performances (sometimes very very strange ones).
   Besides there are many good restaurants but mostly expensive or very expensive (!) as well as different clubs.
Anyway NYC is big and there are too many hurrying people, everybody has his own interests and doesn't care about others. And the streets are so dirty even in the business district, metro is quite old and dirty too... Metro lines are very inconvenient compare to other cities where we've been. And it's sometimes scary to go to metro or just walk on the streets at evening because of so many homeless people :( And driving is just terrible, new-yorkers and especially taxi drivers are the most careless, stupid and insolent people. And every time we drive in NYC we see many road repairs and constructions... do they ever finish them??? Did you mention many 'ands' in my speech? If I think hard enough I can continue and go on and on.