Impressive Niagara Falls

   So, my mother left us, we finally got to know NJ little bit, we got bored and decided to go something else and far enough during this hot sunny June,1999. This idea leaded us to a thought of visiting Niagara Falls which is in NY state and about 600 miles from our home. The decision was made 4 days before our departure date and we didn't want to drive 7 hours that's why we decided to fly... but it was so late. That's why we bought couple of crazily priced plane tickets from Newark to Buffalo.
   Friday evening we drove by our car to the Newark airport and after half hour long search found a long term parking lot :-) Newark is a very big airport and it's quite complicated to find something. It even has unirail train between parking lots and different terminals. We registered and found our plane, it was very small plane with propellers. I was afraid about my health but actually plane was very comfortable, it took off and landed down very easy and nice. After arrival we wanted to pick up our luggage and we waited about 30 minutes our bag ... and nothing. The air company official told us that they lost our bag and it can be on another plane at this time! It's good that we had reservation in the hotel and he promised to deliver bag there tomorrow (if they'll find it). The worst things were that our photo camera was inside that bag as well as all our summer clothes and even hotel reservation form too. Time was already 11p.m., we rented a car and drove to Niagara Falls. We were lucky that hotel desk found our reservation and a room for us. Next day we had a trip to Niagara with a disposable camera. Niagara itself is very great and exciting. There are two Falls: American Falls and Canadian Falls (Horseshoe Falls). Canadian Falls are much bigger. Anyway both the views of both falls are breath-taking... We were only on the american side because of our documents. Most americans also visit Canada to see falls from there, it has better view of falls and canadians really has more attractions. We were very close to the falls at the top of and at the bottom actually. We floated in the small steam ship very close to the both falls, so that you can see and hear a roar of the water but you become completely wet (guys give raincoat to everybody). After that we've been in the Cave of the Wind. It's a small trail on the stairs directly near American Falls, at the bottom of it. We were wearing heavy rain robes and special shoes. This time it was just like a 30 showers pour water on you. Very very exciting! We made a lot of photos even in such wet condition :-)
   Every evening canadians and americans provide colorful illumination of the both falls and it's really beautiful view. The falls has different colors in the dark night. Ow, yes, air company found our bag finally and they brought it to our hotel at 3 p.m. So we even made a good pictures using our camera at evening.
   Next day we visited old Fort Niagara at the lake Ontario. It was a real military fort that belonged to french, british and then americans. It was interesting to see it because I saw such things only in the movie before.
In the evening we returned rented car to the Buffalo and then waited 40 minutes shuttle to the airport, then stood another 30 minutes in the registration line and ....  Adventure wasn't finished yet... Air company told that our flight is delayed for 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, after 1 hour we knew that our plane didn't leave Newark yet because of bad weather. So, after 1.5 hours waiting our flight was canceled! I was very very upset because tomorrow is Monday, working day. In such situation we decided to return our tickets (we were lucky that tickets were without restrictions) and get a refund. After 1 hour in another line we returned them, rented another car (Oldsmobile Alero - very good
and comfortable car, with leather inside) one way from Buffalo to Newark. First couple hours were a nightmare driving in heavy rain isn't very enjoyable experience. This time Mike took a lead of course. Anyway it took about 7 hours to get to Newark and find our car on the parking lot. We've arrived at 3 in the morning. Finally we came home after 4 a.m., and had 5 hours sleep, and went to work.
   It felt like we've got a lot of troubles in 2 days nevertheless we greatly enjoyed Niagara!