Now we are getting closer and closer to our moving event... When we found another job in New Jersey which is very far from our New Mexico we wondered how to move ourselves and our stuff there... So, this is the story of our 3 day adventure in thefirst week of April,1999!
   We had very little time and money to move to New Jersey, so we decided to rent a truck and drive 3 days like crazy to the East Coast. And it actually worked at the end! Let's start from the beginning. It was beginning of April. We rented a a small truck in Budget with the insurance for the warranty. People told us that truck is new and shouldn't be any problems but it's still good to have an insurance. Also they were very surprised that we are leaving Las Cruces and moving to new jersey. I remember they told that New Jersey is very different and people are not so nice. Now I actually understand why they talked like that.
   Finally we packed all our stuff and put our car behind the truck to tow it. So, we didn't have a bed to sleep on last night and we decided to go ahead and drive at least to Albuquerque tonight. Suddenly a sand storm started but we still left thinking it's not a big deal. It wasn't a big deal of course just that it was difficult to hold a steering wheel to drive straight forward.
   Around 12 am we arrived to Albuquerque, slept a night and moved along. The weather was foggy , all roads were covered by frost and it was my time to drive. First couple hours were terrible because I just the steering wheel so hard trying not to slip of the mountain. Even cars were driving very slowly, so can you imagine the problem with truck?
After that whole day was fine without major problems. We drove through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We slept a night at Little Rock and moved again.
   We drove through Memphis city which is actually very nice, we need to come back later, and  Tennessee, and Virginia. Virginia is very dangerous place, we saw many policemen along the highway. They were sitting in the bush just on the top of the mountain , so car drivers can spot them actually! Looks like it's worst state for speedy driving... And here we got troubles too but of another kind. Imagine, late evening I'm driving uphill and suddenly our truck looses all its power and slows down. Luckily I pulled down and truck just stopped immediately. We tried to start it again but it didn't want too. At this moment we feel very happy that we bought an insurance and we have our car in tow. So, we took our car, drove to the closes phone booth and called Budget. They actually were very polite and efficient because after returning back to our truck mechanic arrived in 20 min.  He tried to start truck too without luck. So, he towed our truck to his repair station and called Budget guys. They told us we'll get new truck tomorrow. Of course, we were very nervous because we wanted to reach New Jersey as soon as possible but we were stuck in very small town in Virginia...
   Nevertheless we did get new truck just at evening  and , after 1 hour waiting, mechanics reloaded all our stuff from one truck to another. We were very glad that finally we can move again. Now we prayed that this truck will not break. It didn't but once after refueling a lamp started flashing telling that it's not a diesel inside. We swear it was diesel, so we just forgot about this lamp for the rest of our way... So, we drove through rest of Virginia, Pennsylvania and arrived to New Jersey. It was about 3 am and  we were trying to find any hotel. It was really tricky because it's not very comfortable to do any maneuvers with truck and car in tow :-)
   Basically that's the end of our story... And Budget returned the money for the night at hotel and meals we had while waiting new truck... This trip was really fun cause we saw many different states and people!