Beautiful Longwood Gardens

   Longwood Gardens is a fairy-tale land which is full of fountains and beautiful trees. These gardens are wonderful all year around, we've been there in summer (first time in 1999) and winter and it's always exciting!
   The gardens are situated in Pennsylvania, about 1.5 hours drive from our New Jersey place. These gardens were created by industrialist Pierre du Pont and they cover quite a big area. It has several fountains but we like the most one on the shown picture. It works every half an hour and changes its shape through a cycle, that's a very impressive view. All people gather on terrace to make picture or videos of this show... The most lovely place is an animal garden that consists of many trees cut in different animal's or bird's shapes.  It's the best place to take pictures and have fun. Of course, there are a lot of flower gardens outdoor and indoors, and every flower or tree has a sign with name and some short info. It's a paradise for people who like flowers and understand different kinds of those.
   The garden has indoor conservatory that consists of several different climate areas with various species. I like a desert display it always reminds me about New Mexico... This conservatory has a huge hall with indoor fountains and flowers that is open year around. The best appreciation of that display one can get during winter when you enter the building and immediately immerse in the summer world! I almost forgot about Bonsai display. The trees are very cool and some of them are even from the previous century!
   The air is very good, so it's a pleasure to walk in the park even in winter while fountains shut off. In December the gardens are decorated according Christmas tradition. The most exciting view appears after sunset; many trees and bushes are shining with different colors in a quite wide area. One can imagine to be in a magical forest...