Honeymoon in Greece

   Before our wedding we had 4 years of friendship starting from the first year at the university. During summer and winter holidays we rested in the campus near some lake. For example, at winter you can ski and play snowballs there because Chelyabinsk's winter is very snowy. At summer you can swim, play ping-pong, walk in the beautiful forest and pick berries. Actually they were great vacations because we forgot about city, about our job and university, about our families. But of course that's not so much fun as to see other countries and meet new people (I think everybody will agree on this) .
   So, we decided to spend our honeymoon in the some different place and we bought a pretty trip package to Greece for a week (it means we lost a color TV and many other material things what people usually buy after the wedding instead we've got a great experience of another culture). So, here is the story...
It was good for us we left our home in two days after wedding and went to Moscow to fly to Greece in August,1996.