Carlsbad Caverns

   During cold November,1998 we didn't give up and visited Carlsbad Caverns with Mike's mother (it was the second time for us with Mike there). First time we visited these caverns in May of the same year.
   It was the first time I was in a real big cavern and it was so exciting. Carlsbad caverns are the very big caverns, I think they are the biggest in US. The main caverns are open for the public and you can go yourself at your own pace. That's actually how we did it. We took the map and photo camera and then walked through. It took about 2 hours to see all the caverns. The Big Room is a giant cave with a size of several football fields! The temperature is 56F (13C) constantly, it was cold inside even in May. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like a fairy tale land... The caverns lie very deep underground so one needs to use elevator to go back to the surface. The funny thing was a underground cafeteria inside the cave... At the evening all the bats are going our from the main entrance to fly outside during night. We visited special show where people can see them flying out of the cave...
   Except the main caverns there are many other small caverns and some of them are quite difficult to reach. There are some special guided tours to go inside those. During our second visit we took such a tour to Slaughter Canyon Cave. It was quite exciting and we used only our handheld lights. The best feature was the snow-white Christmas Tree column. BTW, our guide told that people made some movie inside this cave in the early 20 century.