Perversive Atlantic City

   Oh, it's so crazy in Atlantic city... Everybody wants your money! We spent one day in March,2000 there but we felt that this thing can push you down ...
   We arrived there about 11 am, parked and rushed in to the nearest casino. Our goal was to visit as many different casinos as possible to see the distinctive exterior and interior. We were very surprised to see many people inside in the morning. It looks like many people live there... We didn't play cards but we tried several different machines. First we tried $1 machine that eat all our money shamelessly. Then we found 50c machine which was bad also. But I remembered that 25c machines are the best. So, finally we occupied one of those and made a game. It's really better than more expensive ones because you win more often (of course, the max prize isn't so big as in expensive ones). So, we lose and won some money and at the end of day we calculated that actually we've got more than we spent! It was exciting but it's difficult to stop :) I'm not a gambler but the game was like a magnet! I imagine that many people just spend their salary or whatever money they have completely.
   There is a small explanation for russian people who haven't been in casino. First, you buy tokens from cashier using your dollars. Next you choose the machine and play, play and play. If you spent all your money you can buy more tokens and etc. If you are lucky and you won some nice amount of money you can get tokens out of the machine from time to time. At last, when you are done and have some tokens you go to the cashier and changes them back to dollars. Some crazy people (see all year around players) have special cards, kind of credit cards for casinos. They don't need tokens and money is withdrawn directly from this card. You know I think this process is even worse because you don't really count your money in such case!
   At that day we visited many casinos. Caesar's has very great architecture outside and inside, they creates ancient Rome atmosphere... Trump Plaza casino is very plain one, nothing special, just sit down and spend money. Bailey's casino is an old west style, it has quite funny sculptures inside. Taj Mahal is very big casino and has great indian atmosphere. There is very cool elephants at the main entrance. We also visited several other places but they doesn't have any special features at all. Good-looking casinos look very very rich, I wonder :)
   What else Atlantic city has besides casinos? Not much, just shops. Except nice walk by the Atlantic ocean.