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Abstract reflection

Across the whirlpool

Belly button

Big waves

Bird in Toronto

Blue skyscraper

Canadian flag

Caribbean carnival

Caribbean carnival2

Caribbean carnival3

Caribbean carnival4

Caribbean carnival5

Caribbean carnival6

Caribbean carnival7

Caribbean carnival8

Caribbean carnival9

Caribbean carnival10

Caribbean carnival11

City view

City view2

CN Tower

CN Tower2

CN Tower bw

CN Tower view

Dancers in blue

Dancers in red

Dark waters hide something

Discussing photography

Distracted reflection


Eating coldest icecream

Eating hamburgers

Exhibition center arc

Exhibition center side

Exhibition dome

Expensive living

Fan view

Fashoinable Julia

Fitting into Beetle

Fountains at Toronto islands

From chinese distrcit

Going to parade

Going to parade2

Guess what

Henry Moore sculpture Garden

Hundred balconies


Jane and Katya

Jane and Mike

Jane in bright pants

Jane in bright pants2

Jane in bright pants3

Jane in bright pants bw

Jane in Niagara Falls

Jane in Niagara Falls2

Jane Julia in museum

Jane Katya Kostya

Jane Mike in Toronto

Jane near Canadian Falls

Jane near exhibition center

Jane near exhibition center2

Jane near fountain

Jane near restaurant

Jane on Spanish car

Jane on Spanish car2

Jane on the island

Jane portrait

Jane portrait2

Jane portrait bw

Jane portrait bw2


Julia high contrast

Julia in colors

Julia on green

Julia on green2

Julia on green3

Julia on green4

Julia on green5

Julia portrait

Katya and Julia

Katya Julia in museum

Katya Julia Mike Jane near fountain

Katya Mike Jane

Katya portrait bw

Kostya Katya Julia Jane

Kostya Katya Julia near fountain

Lake Ontario

Lakefront properties

Lakeview apartments

Long river

Looking up

Maid of Mist


Mike closeup

Mike in Niagara Falls

Mike in Niagara Falls2

Mike in Toronto

Mike Jane near fountain

Mike on Whirlpool Spanish car

Mike portrait bw

Mike portrait bw2

Mike portrait bw3

Mike prepares to swim

Near whirlpool

Neat house

Niagara Falls

Niagara river

People going to carnival

People live there


Ready to go

Resting woman

Roof at Canadian art gallery

Roof at Canadian art gallery2

Rushing river

Scary chasm

Scary waters

Scary whirlpool





Spanish car

Special chair

The ceiling

The flower

The flowers

The Toronto fan

Thinking Julia

Thru eyes of Dark Vader

Toronto downtown

Toronto downtown2

Toronto downtown3

Toronto marina

Toronto view


View from ferry

View from the boat

Watching whirlpool ride

Waves at Niagara

Waving goodbye

We at Toronto islands

We near Niagara Falls

Whirlpool at Niagara

Whirlpool closeup

Whirlpool waves

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