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Beautiful beach

Beautiful garden

Behind waterfall

Big lizard

Big lizard2

Carribean palms

Caught on its way



Colling off

Colorful parrot

Cool room

Cooling off2

Fishing monkey

Floating Mike


Funny Mike

Goat and boar n the sun

Going into water

Happy Jane

Happy Jane and Mike

Happy Jane in the ocean

Hunting crocodile

In the air

In the air2

In the air3

In the jungle

Jane and Mike in the park

Jane and waterfalls

Jane at hotel deck

Jane in Bahamas

Jane in green

Jane in the jungle

Jane in the park

Jane in the park2

Jane near lighthouse

Jane near waterfall

Jane with palm

Jane with parrots

Jane with parrots2j

Jane wtih talking parrot

Jewels in sand

Lets swim

Little goat

Mike enjoying beach

Mike in the garden

Mike in the ocean

Mike in the park

Mike near waterfall

Mike with something



Near ocean

On jungle trail


Pelican Bay Hotel

Perfect view

Photographer at work even here

Pool and ocean view

Pool reflection

Pool view


Strange flowers

Strongest gets it all

Swim with me

Swimming crocodile

Swimming monkey

Taking a shot

Talk to me

Tiny waterfalls

Unlimited ocean

View at lighthouse

View from the balcony

Waiting for meat

Want more food

We are at the beach

We like Bahamas

We must come back here

White parrots

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