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After bath (1 week)

After walk (1month)

Almost reading (2 5months)

Almost Smiling

Astronaut Ester

Beautiful Newborn

Cute girl (3 weeks)

Daddy and me (1month)

Drinking from bottle (3 months)

Ester after bath (1 week)

Ester asleep(10 days)

Ester in bed

Ester photomodel 2 (3months)

Ester photomodel(3months)

Ester with Grandmother Ira (3months)

Feeling gooood (3weeks)

First walk outdoors (10 days)

Funny face (12weeks)

Giving a speech (3months)

Happy Daddy

Happy family

Here I am 2 (3 weeks)

Here I am (3 weeks)

Holding hands (10 days)

I wanna eat this toy (2 5 months)

In Amazement

Jane 8month

Jane and Ester (3months)

Jane and Ester outdoor

Jane and Ester portrait(10 days)

Jane Ester on the walk

Lara and Ester portrait (1 week)

Lara Jane Ester outdoor(10 days)

Looking High

Mike and Ester outdoor(10 days)

Mommy And Me (3months)

Mommy and Me (10 days)

Newborn Baby


Sleeping beauty

Smart girl (10 days)

Smiling Ester (12weeks)

Surprised baby (1 week)

The Girl

Thinking hard (3 weeks)

What an amazing toy (3months)

What is it(3 weeks old)

Who want to fight with me 2 (3 weeks)

Who want to fight with me (3 weeks)

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