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Day1 Cool ornament

Day1 Drink up Sofia

Day1 Europeans Indian Style

Day1 Even on top

Day1 Guests

Day1 Henna treatment for Jane

Day1 Henna treatment for Sofia

Day1 How do they draw so fast

Day1 I like it

Day1 Job complete

Day1 Job complete2

Day1 Mohit with girls

Day1 My first henna hands

Day1 One hand done

Day1 Ornament closeup

Day1 Ornament closeup2

Day1 Traditional dance number

Day1 Traditional dance number2

Day1 Traditional dance number3

Day1 Traditional dance number4

Day1 Ustas Sofia

Day1 We love our henna hands

Day1 We with bride and groom

Day1 We with bride brother

Day1 We with groom brother

Day1 With Ustas family

Day1 Wow too strong

Day2 Beautiful costumes

Day2 Bride and groom entrance

Day2 Bride parents

Day2 Cool saris

Day2 Everyone is happy

Day2 Family

Day2 First time at indian wedding

Day2 Gentelman and ladies

Day2 Gentelman and ladies2

Day2 Getting educated

Day2 Gonna be my husband now

Day2 Gonna be my wife

Day2 Happy couple

Day2 Hooray we are married

Day2 I like my wife in any clothes

Day2 Jane closeup

Day2 Jane in banquet hall

Day2 Jane in langachuli

Day2 Jane Indian style

Day2 Jane with newlyweds

Day2 Making vows

Day2 Mike and Jane

Day2 Mike and Jane2

Day2 Mohit and Vanessa

Day2 Perfect couple

Day2 Priests

Day2 Ready for ceremony

Day2 Sad but happy

Day2 Self Portrait

Day2 Setting up for ceremony

Day2 Sisters

Day2 Sofia at with newlyweds

Day2 Sofia closeup

Day2 Sofia dressed up

Day2 Sofia in banquet hall

Day2 Sofia in sari

Day2 Sofia Indian style

Day2 Sofia with indian jewelery

Day2 Something is burning

Day2 The only europeans at the wedding

Day2 The setup

Day2 Tied up

Day2 Ustas and Sofia

Day2 Very happy moment

Day2 Waiting

Day2 Walking around together

Day2 Watching ceremony

Day2 When will it start

Day2 With family

Day2 With indian jelewery

Day2 With Sofias coworker

Shopping Choice one

Shopping Choice three

Shopping Choice two

Shopping Should I buy it

Shopping Sofia test

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