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Cute monkey

Cute monkey2

EI At the Western entrance

EI Elephanta Island

EI Everybody watching

EI Ferry ride

EI Gimme food

EI Girls and Mumbai waterfront

EI Jane Mike enjoying ride

EI Jane near cave entrance

EI Mahesamurti

EI Mahesamurti heads

EI Mike in the Caves

EI Mike with Shiva

EI Posing on ferry

EI Selling sweets

EI Shiva and Parvati

EI Shiva closeup

EI Shiva in Elephanta caves

EI Sofia Mike enjoying ride

EI Sofia near cave entrance

EI Street vendors

EI We inside Elephanta cave

EI we with Shiva

Girls at the Gateway of India

Going to Prince Wales Museum

Grand Victoria Terminus

Guarding lion at Victoria Terminus

Imposing Gateway

In the garden

Inside of Victoria Terminus

Island ferry

Jane at the train station

Jane near Taj Mahal hotel

Mama and baby monkeys

Mike at the Gateway of India

Mike near Taj Mahal hotel

Monkeys o the island

Monkeys playing

Mumbai port

Pune Cow statute in Pataleshwar Caves

Pune Cute temple flag

Pune God statue

Pune Jane in PArvati Temple

Pune Near entrance to Parvati Temple

Pune Parvati Temple Dome

Pune Shrine in Pataleshwar Temple

Pune Sofia in Parvati Temple

Sofia near Taj Mahal hotel

Taj Mahal and Gateway of Inda

Victoria Terminus Dome

Victoria Terminus Front

We near cavEC e entrance

We near Victoria Terminus

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