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Amazing wall decorations

Boat ride on the Nile river

Cruise ships on the river

Evening on the Nile river

Famous Egyptian column

Feeling the weight of history

Giant Ramses II statue in Memphis

God Horus at Temple of Hatchepsut

Horus engraving

If only someone could Read this

Inside the ruins

Inside the ruins2

Inside the temple

Jane and Mike in Karnak Temple

Jane in crowdy Karnak

Jane in Karnak Temple

Jane in the Great Hypostyle Hall

Jane in the Karnak Temple2

Jane inside the temp.. Valley of the Kings

Jane near Colossi Memnon

Jane near Horus

Jane near Temple of Hatchepsut

Jane near Temple of Hatchepsut2

Jane on the boat

Jane with cool engravings

Jane with cool engravings2

Jane with Pharaoh

Jane with Ramses II

Luxor Temple view from the river

Mike in the Hypostyle Hall

Mike in the Karnak Temple

Mike near the Nile river

Mike with Colossi Memnon

Near guarded entrance


People made it thousands years ago

Pharaoh and I

Picture in the Valley of the Kings

Picture in the Valley of the Kings2

Picture in the Valley of the Kings3

Picture in the Valley of the Kings4

Ramses II


The Pharaoh

Thirty pharaohs built this complex

Tourists at Karnak Temple

View at Luxor from Nile

We near sphinxes

We near Temple of Hatchepsut

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