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5min break

4500 above sealevel

A house was here

Almost Mars

And we are driving here



Are sure what you wonna drive here

Artist at work

At the local cafe



Banos are awesome

Banos are awesome2

Banos de Puritama


Better waves

Blast from the past

Ble everywhere

Blue perl


Born to hike

Breath taking view

Bridge in nowhere

Busy pier

Cacti village at Pan de Azucar

Cactus in the blue

Caleta Barquito

Caleta Pan de Azucar

Call me


Camera and I

Camera follows everywhere

Camera is cooler than dessert

Can you see observatory

Cant survive without technology

Cant wait

Cargo train

Catching waves

Cathedral in Santiago

Center of Santiago

Church in Santiago

Cloud way

Clouds gathering

Coast of Chile

Come on board

Condor takes off

Contemporary art

Cute church in Isluga


Deadly beauty

Desert flowers

Desert Land

Desert road

Do not look back

Dont sail too close

Dont touch me

Drive Baby Drive

Driving to unknown

Drops of salty water

Dunes and Mike

Endless beach

Endless Mountains

Enjoying hot springs

Enjoying landscape

Entering past

Escaping cacti invasion

Eucaliptus in Termas de Socos

Exploring laguna

Farmers lands

Fertile valley

Find Mike

Fisherman warf


Fishermen boats in Iquique

Fishermen like red

Flamingoes and Mike

Flamingoes at Laguna Chaxa

Flight Like a wind

Flight Over dunes

Flight preparation

Flying over Peru


From one bridge to another


Garbage bin

Geysers and Mike

Geysers del Tatio

Geysers up close

Graffiti in Rancagua

Grow with the flow

Guarding the sea


Having sweet dreams

Help me

Hi from the desert



Hiking in Azucar

I am not cold

I need to make one more picture

In Isluga village

In the green

In the middle of nowhere

In the mountains

Iquique Center

Iquique port

Iron friend

Island Pan de Azucar

Isluga village

Isluga village2

It has seen many waves

It is a dry place

It is human made

It is simply WHAU

It must be so old

Kill your TV and get out

Laguna Chaxa

Laguna Miniques

Laguna Miscanti

Laguna Miscanti2


Lands end

Last photo for tonight

Last steps to top

Last touches

Lets come closer

Lets drink my friend

Lets jump in a car

Like in Spain

Listening to the wind

Living on the edge

Llamas are right here

Llanos de Challe2

Llanos de Challe park

Local artist

Lonely lighthouse

Looking for a perfect shot

Looking over horizon

Lunch time

Mano del Desierto


Market in Iquique

Mike and rocks

Mike enjoying hot springs

Mike explorer

Mike in Chile

Mike near bay

Mike near Hand of Desert

Mike near Iquique

Mike on ocean front at Zapallar

Mike with cute flowers

Mike with fish

Mike with graffiti in Rancagua


Monument to indigenous people

Morning In Valley

Mountain lake

Move it move it

Museum under La Moneda

Natural tracery

Not easy route

ocean front

Off the menu

Old survivor

Old trains are perfect for photos

Old tree

Our faithful horse


Painted by sunset

Park Volcan Isluga

Park Volcan Isluga2

Patience is the virtue


Pelicans are good neighbours

Pelicans everywhere

Perfect beach house

Perfectly white

Photo documentary in progress

Photo stop

Photographer in the mountains

Pick your train

Planning in progress

Plaza de Arms

Precious gear

Ready to ride

Real feeway


Resort at Termos de Socos

Restaurant by the ocean

Road thru Atacama

Road to nowhere

Ruins in desert

Salar de Atacama

Salar de Atacama2

Salar de Atacama3


salt flats

Salt meet water

Salt water mirror

salty waters

Saving memories

Say cheese

Sci-fi Landscape

Sea and wine

Sergey and dunes

Sergey and ocean

Sergey in Atacama desert

Sergey in Santiago

Sergey in Zapallar

Sergey near Chanaral

Sergey near laguna

Sergey near lighthouse

Sergey with alpacas

Sergey with Mano del Desierto

Sergey with mountains

Sergey with waves

Serious adventurer

Serious Mike

serpantine in gorge

Shark in mounatins



Sit down and smile

Small person huge hand

Smoking grounds

Smoking in Lima

Social Club at Iquique

Standing tall

Steam and ice

Strange landscape


Streets of Santiago


Sun and Snow

Sunrise near Ovalle

Sunset on the road

Surrounded by mountains

Take off

Tame waves

The door

Thin Line

This reminds me Death Valley

Time to relax

Tired traveler

Tough guys

Tourists at Geysers del Tatio

Train museum at Baquedano

Train station

Traveler Mike

Traveler Sergey


Try to survive here

Unbeliveable beauty

Vast dunes near Iquique

Waiting for an ideal moment

Waiting for food

waiting for seaman

Waiting to sail

Walking among gainst

Wall art in Rancagua

Watching performance

Watching sunrise

Watching the bay

Watching the sea

We found lighthouse

Welcomed by Ocean

What is there

Where is the ship

Which camera should I use

Who is taller

Wine was so good

With the perfect car

Work of Wind

Yummiest dessert

Zapallar bay

Zapallar Beach

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