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After wet adventure

American Falls

American Falls5

American Falls 2

American Falls 3

American Falls 4

Big hug

Bottom of American Falls


Bye bye Niagara Falls

Canadian Falls

Canadian Falls 2

Cool guy in Hard Rock cafe

Cool sisters

Do we look alike


Eugene after Maid of Myst

Eugene and Soda down there

Eugene at Fort Niagara

Eugene near Canadian Falls

Eugene near Niagara

Eugene near whirlpool

Eugene on cannon

Eugene on Maid of Myst

Eugene with night illuminations

Eugenee near Canadian Falls2

Everyone has a cannon

Fight in Hard Rock cafe

Fort Niagara

Funny Sofa

Golden leaves

Halo effect Eugene

Halo effect Jane

Halo effect Jane2

Halo effect Sofa

Happy Eugene

Happy sisters

Having fun

Illuminations on Niagara Falls

Illuminations on Niagara Falls2

In the myst

Is this Mike


Jane after Maid of Myst

Jane Euegne near whirlpool3

Jane Eugene near whirlpool

Jane Eugene near whirlpool2

Jane in car

Jane in Hard Rock cafe

Jane in Hard Rock cafe 2

Jane in Hard Rock cafe 3

Jane Mike near Canadian Falls

Jane Mike near Canadian Falls2

Jane Mike near Niagara Falls

Jane Mike near whirlpool

Jane near Canadian Falls

Jane near Falls

Jane near Niagara river

Jane near Niagara river2

Jane on cannon

Jane photographer

Jane Sofa at Fort Niagara

Jane Sofa in Niagara Falls

Jane Sofa musicians

Jane Sofa near American Falls

Jane Sofa near American Falls2

Jane Sofa near Canadian Falls

Jane Sofa near Canadian Falls2

Jane Sofa near Canadian Falls3

Jane Sofa near whirlpool

Jane Sofa on Maid of Myst

Jane Sofa on Maid of Myst2

Jane sofa with night illuminations

Jane video operator

Jane watching falls

Jane with night illuminations

Jane with rainbow

Jumping Jane

Jumping Sofa

Just missed the rainbow


Kissing 2

Lets climb

Maid of Myst

Making faces

Making video


Mike and Jane on a cannon

Mike Eugene at Fort Niagara

Mike Eugene at night

Mike in car

Mike in Niagara

Mike Jane at night

Mike Jane in Hard Rock cafe

Mike Jane in Hard Rock cafe 2

Mike Jane with night illuminations

Mike making photos

Mike near Canadian Falls

Mike on cannon

Mike with girls near American Falls

Mike with us with night illuminations

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls2

Niagara river

Niagara river bend

Night illuminations

Night illuminations2

Night illuminations3

On the tower

On top of the world




Sail boat on Ontario

Sitting Eugene

Sofa after Maid of Myst

Sofa and myst

Sofa Eugene

Sofa Eugene2

Sofa Eugene3

Sofa Eugene before Cave of Winds

Sofa Eugene in car

Sofa Eugene in Hard Rock cafe

Sofa Eugene in the myst

Sofa Eugene near American falls

Sofa Eugene with night illuminations

Sofa in car

Sofa in car 2

Sofa in fancy car

Sofa in Niagara

Sofa Jane

Sofa Jane buying tickets

Sofa Jane with Canadian tower

Sofa near American Falls

Sofa near Canadian Falls

Sofa near Canadian Falls2

Sofa near Niagara

Sofa near Niagara 2

Sofa near Niagara 3

Sofa on a cannon

Sofa photomodel

Sofa videotaping

Sofa watching falls

Sofa with Canadian tower

Sofa with night illuminations

Sofa with rainbow

Spanish cart over whirlpool

Super cool sisters


Together at American Falls

Together at night

Together in Niagara Falls

Together in the myst

Together on cannon

Together with night illuminations

Very happy Sofa











We at Fort Niagara

We near Canadian Falls

We near Lake Ontario

We talking

We with Eugene

We with Eugene near falls

We with Mike

We with Mike near Niagara Falls

Wet photomodels

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