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30seconds rest

Amphitheatre Lake

Antelope Flats

At the hike end

Bear going to us

Bear passing by

Blacktail ponds

Bradley Lake view

Deer in the forest

Drive through Grant Teton

Grand Teton mountains

Green mountainside

Happy hikers

Hike power

I hiked even here

I hiked here

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake2

Jackson Lake3

Jane at Amphitheatre Lake

Jane at Amphitheatre Lake3

Jane in Grand Teton

Jane near Jackson Lake

Jane near mountains

Jane on the trail

Jane with Bradley Lake

Just couple miles more

Lake creature

Mike at the end of trail

Mike in Grand Teton

Mike on the trail

Mike photographer

Mountain view

Mountain view2

Mountains in glasses

Ponds and mountains

Reaching for clouds

Resting after 5mile hike

Romantic hikers

Surprise Lake

Surprise Lake2

Taggart and Bradley lakes

Taggart and Bradley lakes2

Teton peak

Valley and clouds

View from the top

Wait for me

We hiked here

We near Jackson Lake

We on the trail

Years of life

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