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A bit tired

Ada at CNN

Ada at the Georgia Aquarium

Ada at the Natural History museum

Ada at the Olympic Park

Ada likes aquariums

Ada loves ice skating

Ada practicing

After veating at Biergarten

At the Centennial Olympic park

At the Embassy suites

At the Olympic park

Atlanta dolphin

Beer for everyone

Beluga tales


Bite me

Bottles through years

Bottling robot

Bottling robot2

Bottling station

Cartwheel in the park

Catching jelly fish

Chinese Cola ad

Christmas tree at the park

Christmas tree in the park

CNN and Olympic fountain at night

CNN around the globe

CNN Headquarters

CNN International

CNN Main Research room

Coca Cola for all

Coca Cola Santas

Coca cola world

Cola delivery truck

Cola Holiday Santa Ads

Cola in Japan

Colorful world

Cool bubble station

Cool dinosaurs


Cute traveler

Daddy and tired Ada


Delivery truck in Buenos Aires

Dinosaur and Ada

Dinosaur lover

Ester at CNN

Ester at Coca cola museum

Ester at Coca Cola tasting

Ester in Luray Caverans

Ester likes fishes

Ester practicing

Esters art

Excited Jane

Exploring at night

Fairyland undersea

Famous polar bear

Fancy seahorse

Fernbank museum

Find Ada

Find Jane

Finding Nemo


Fly me home

Flying bottles

Flying jelly fish

Freezing with Christmas tree


Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan warriors

Georgia aquarium

German feast

German peasants

Gymnast Ester

Gymnastics is fun

Handstand in a park

Happy holidays

Happy holidays from Coca Cola

Happy holodays from ESter


Holiday bottles

Holiday bottles2

Holiday colors

Holiday lights at our hotel

Holidays in Atlanta downtown

How do I look

I like this museum

I like this museum too

I love caverns

I love sparkles

I want to take it home

I wish Ada was here

In Atlanta downtown

In holiday mood

Inside CNN building

Inside Fernbank NAtural History museum

Inside our hotel


Jane Ada at CNN

Jane Ada at the aquarium

Jane at CNN

Jane at Coca Cola tasting

Jane at Genghis Khan exhibition

Jane at the Olympic park

Jane in Atlanta at night

Jane near Coca Cola world

Jane near Olympic fountain

Kids at Fernbank Museum

Kids at the Olympic Park

King crab

Lets dance

Like mommy and baby

Look at these strange creatures

Love the colors

Love this horse

Lyalya and Ada

Magic jelly fish


Making huge bubbles

Mike near Olympic fountain

Mommy and I with dinosaur

Mongol mask

Monster fish

More Coca Cola


Nemo is missing

Not for sale

Not scared at all

Olympic monument

Olympic park at night

On the tour

Penguin up close

Pick your drink

Predicting weather

Refresh your world

Retro Coke station

Retro Cola signs

Riding streets of Atlanta

Romantic carriage ride

Scary crab family

Schwarzbeer is the best

Sea animals


Should I drink this

Silly doll

Skating and drinking

So many brands


Sports for everyone

Spying on penguins

Starfish family

Stylish creature

Tasting real southern food

Tasting station

Testing green screen

The eye

This rink is not neat

Tiny stone garden


Traditional Mongolian yurt

Various cola machines

View from the top floor

Waiting for lunch

We are sophisticated

We love ice skating

We love these dinosaurs

We near Olympic fountain

We were inside this globe

Where is Santa

Who is hiding here

Who is the boss

Why is it cold in Atlanta

Winter in Atlanta

With Olympic rings

Yummy bellini

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