albums:Russia Family:Jane Childhood and Youth Back

A big hug Jan 1993

Alex with Masha

Alisa and Natasha 1991

Alushta 1984

At ski resort Jan 1993

At Uvildi beach

Aunt Bronya wedding

Baby Jane

Baby Jane March15 1975

Back from winter cold Jan 1996

Best dog Katie

Best friend Alisa May 1993

Big eyes 1993

Big family Jan 1990

Big hug Jan 1996

Camper Jane

Class trip Grodno 1990

Cousin Sasha

Cute Larisa

Cutie July 1977

Dressed up Jan 1996

During winter holidays 1993

Easy split Genichesk 1982

Everybody cooks

First passport photo

Freider family 1987

Freider family 1990

Freider family Feb 1994

Freider family Jan 1993

Freider family Jan 1996

Freiders wedding day

Friend Natalya 1990

Girls Apr 1995

Grandmother Mara

Guess who

Having fun2

Having fun summer 1989

In the park July 1993

In the park May 1995

Jane 6month old

Jane 7 years old

Jane 15 years old

Jane 1989

Jane 1993

Jane Alex in Kiev 1991

Jane and Mike Apr 1995

Jane Apr 1992

Jane August 1977

Jane flying 7 years old

Jane in Old Vilnius Nov 1990

Jane in summer camp 1987

Jane kindergarten

Jane Mike April 1993

Jane Olga Alisa 1988

Jane Summer 1990

Lara 1967

Lara on the bench 1967

Larisa and Mikhail Freider Jan 1982

Larisa with Jane 1year old

Laughing out loud 1989

Mama Nelya Jane Sofa


Mike 1993

Mike and Dima May 1995

Mike Apr 1995

Mike with Vitya May 1995

Mommy and baby Jane

Mommy and me at the beach July 1977

Mother with friend

My class 1st grade

My class 3rd grade

My class 5th grade

My class 9th grade

My class 10th grade

My class years later 200X

My class years later 200X too

My father 1953

My father 1969

Near Satka Oct 1989

Our university class Apr 1995

Our university class Sep 1993

Our university friends Summer 1995

Pass photo

Ready for a feist

Sisters 1981

Sisters 1983

Sisters 1984

Sisters Feb 1994

Sisters Jan 1981

Smiley girl

Sofia 5 years old

Sofia 12 years old

Sofia and Polina 1980

Summer walk 1995

Unexpected visit

University friends Apr 1995

Vera Mama Maria Jane Sofa

Water fun July 1977

We April 1993

We at Azov sea 1981

We closeup winter 1990

We July 1993

We near Satka 1988

We with doll 1981

We with our big brother Mike

Winter queen Jan 1996

Young yogee July 1982

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