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Air acrobatics Eric

Air acrobatics Jane

Air acrobatics Tina

Boris climbs the net

Charlie Chaplin walk

Eric ready to rappel down

Eric ready to zip

Gliding in the air

Hanging bridge is not easy

Hanging there

Hanging there2

I can do it

I can jump

I like this yellow thingy

It is piece of cake for Eric

Jane almost flying

Jane ready to zip

Like in circus

Like in circus2

Making photos

Maybe I cannot jump

Net climbing

On top of a hill ready to zip

One more step

Proper foot attire

Ready for adventure

Ride to the top Boris

Ride to the top Eric

Ride to the top Jane

Ride to the top Tina

Rope challenge Boris

Rope challenge Boris almost there

Rope challenge Jane half way thru

Rope challenge Tina half way thru

Rope challenge Tina started

Rope climbing challenge

Swinging challenge

Testing no hands idea

Tina ready to rappel down

Why cant I fly

Why cant I fly2

Why cant I fly3

Wire walking challenge Boris

Wire walking challenge Jane

Wire walking challenge Tina

Zip away Boris

Zip away Eric

Zip away Jane

Zip away Tina

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