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Adventurers Jordan and tara

Big dive Jane

Big dive Jordan

Big dive tara

Cable challenge Jane

Cable challenge Jordan

Cable challenge Tara

Can I be a gymnast

Getting last instructions

Girls are tough

Hanging bridge challenge Jane

Hanging bridge challenge Jane2

Hanging bridge challenge Jordan

Hanging bridge challenge Jordan2

Hanging bridge challenge Ron

Hanging bridge challenge tara

Hanging bridge challenge tara2

Hanging bridge challenge tara3

Hehe wait for your turn

I can even pose

I gonna catch you

I gonna get you

I just wanna hang there

Incoming Jane

Incoming Jordan

Jane preparing for adventure

Jordan closeup

Jordan preparing for adventure

Jordan Tara Jane

Just a bit tired

Just need to grab this one

Laugh and cable dont match

Making photo on ski lift

Maybe it is easy

Not scared almost

Now I gonna watch you all

One last step

One little step at a time

Preparing for a dive Jane

Preparing for a dive Jordan

Preparing for a dive Tara

Rapelling 123

Rapelling Jordan

Rapelling tara

Ready for adventure

Ready to roll

Rolling back

Ron on the rope

Ron preparing for adventure

Ron rapelling

Ron zipping away

Rope course Jane

Rope course Jane started

Rope course Jane swinging

Rope course slowly but surely

Ski lifts work in summer

Ski lifts work in summer3

Tara closeup

Tara did it

Tara preparing for adventure

Tara ready to zip

Tara zipping away

The last zip

Tired but happy

We are done

Wow I love it

You wont catch me

Zip away Jane

Zip away Jordan

Zip away Tara

Zipping legs up

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