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A toast


Arriving to the wedding

BTW about drinks


Buddies 3

But Yura is great guy

Cannot laugh when everybody watching

Come here

Discussing world problems

Do not eat me please

Drink with us

Everybiody dances

Everybody cool

Follow us

Good food good wedding

Having fun

Here we are

Hidden camera

Hidden camera2

Hidden camera3

How about some shrimps

How can I project th..te in N+1D dimension

How does Pushkin says this

I am very cool

I like that dress

It is fun time people


Just girl talk

Just Lena

Let drink my dear husband

Look cool girl out there


Masha and Yura Goliads

Masha laughing - good catch


Mike do not look here

Misha with parents

More buddies

More smoky pals

Nata Gritsauk

Newly weds

No comments


Secret news

Smoky pals

Something cooking outhere

Spirit of Mike

The bride dancing

The groom


We had too much already

What is up

why do not you dance

Why you do not believe me Jane

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