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Ada and Jane

Ava Elana Ada Jane Ester

Before the run 1

Before the run 2

Before the run 3

Before the run 4

Before the run 5

Color party 1

Color party 2

Color party 3

Color Run rulez

Daddy is awesome

Doubly painted now 1

Doubly painted now 2

Doubly painted now 3

Ester and Jane

Freshly painted 1

Freshly painted 2

Freshly painted 3

Freshly painted 4

Freshly painted 5

Freshly painted 6

Golden Jane

Happy Ester 1

Happy Ester 2

It was fun

Jane with kids

On the track 1

On the track 2

On the track 3

On the track 4

On the track 5

On the track 6

On the track 7

Silly Jane

Very colorful Jane

Waiting at the start line

With Ada our avid supporter

With friends after the run

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