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Ada loves horses

Ada tired of photos

Ada tractor driver

Ada tractor driver2

Another end of Walkway

Bridge view

Cheese and wine picnic

Cool shadow

Crowded walkway


Ester Ada Yonik playing

Ester at the erman restaurant

Ester tractor driver

Ester tractor driver2

Everybody smiles

Fall in Hudson Valley

Feeding a horse

Feeding Max

Geometry lesson


Girls with tractor


Hudson river

Katya and Ada

Katya and Ada2

Kids climbing on the train

Kids having fun

Lets see cheeses

Mommy and kids

Patting a horse


Riding the sheep

Sheeps make yummy cheese

Sisters on the train

Smiles all around

Speed boat

Tractors to everyone

Vera and Jane

Walkway over the hudson

We on cheese tour

We on the farm

We on the walkway

Who is faster


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