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Ada and Jane in the park

Ada at Duke Farms

Ada under maple tree

Back on skates after 5 years

Beautiful tree

Bell tower

Blooming bush

Blooming red maple

Catch me if you can

Coach barn

Cooling off by the fountain

Cutie Ada with flowers

Dandelions are cool

Dogwood flower

Eastern redbud trees


Ester and Jane in the park

Exploring the area

Favorite big sister

Flower braids

Flower web

Flowers everywhere

Flowers under investigation

Fly fly away

Grand tree

Green beauty

Green dogwood flowers

Green everywhere

Green fashion

Hiding from us

I am rolling

I love this park

Jane at Duke Farms


Lets race



Magnolia flower closeup

Magnolia in bloom

Magnolia in bloom2

Magnolia in bloom3

Maple leaves closeup

Peeking thru maple tree

Photographer on rollerblades

Pink alley

Pink beauty

Pink dogwood flowers

Pink princess


Proud to be yellow

Ready to roll

Redbud blooming

Redbud flowers

Sculpture garden

Should I climb

Silly us

Sleeping flower

Soaring in bliss

Spring is here

Tiny falls


Too hot

Too many pictures

Under magnolia


Weathered but strong

White beauties

White tree

Who is faster now

Wide open

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