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Ada inside Liberty Crown

Ada joins Rockettes

Ada on the line

Ada with Julia Roberts

Ada writing constitution

Amelia Eckhart

Ana and Nicolas Cage

Ana and Oprah

Ana at the desk

Ana inside Liberty Crown

Ana joins Rockettes

Ana news reporter

Ana on tv

Ana with Beatles

Ana with Lincoln

Ana with Lincoln2

Ana writing constitution

Angelina Sofia Brad

Any advice

At the president office

At the wax museum

Baseball pro Ester

Birthday girl with mom

Blonde or redhead


Breaking news report

Bruce and I

Bruce and Sofia

Can we switch the outfits

Chatting with Miley

Clooney and Sofia

Cooling off

Crazy fan

DiCaprio and Sofia

Discussing new movie

Donald Trump is my friend

Driver Ada

Duet with Jessica Simpson

Ester Ada Jane at lunch

Ester Ada with Lincoln

Ester inside Liberty Crown

Ester with Miley Cyrus

Eyes on monitors

Famous couple and Ada

Famous guest in a studio2

Famous guest in studio

Famous people

Famous Rockettes

Famous Rockettes2

Favorite singer Lady Gaga

Figure skating is awesome

Funky girls

Girls driving

Girls reporting news


Gorbachev and Jane

Gorbachev and Sofia

Green monster save me

Happy Ada with astronauts

Happy birthday Anastasia

Happy girls

Happy taxi driver Ester

He is the man

Hiding from aliens

Hot chick

Hot girls

Hulk in rage

I met Woody Allen

Intimate talk

Ironman and Ada

James Bond and Sofia

Jane Ada on the news

Jane Ada writing constitution

Jane and birthday girl

Jane and girls with Godzilla

Jane inside Liberty Crown

Jane joins Rockettes

Jane on the line

Jane with Beatles

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Ana

Joyful President Sofia

Just chatting

Just chilling

Kids with Beatles

Kids with Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga and Jane

Lady Gaga and Sofia

Lets play together

Lion King Live

Love your movies Steven

Madame Tussaud

Manly Jack

Marylin and Ana

Marylin and Sofia

Michael Jackson and Jane

Miley and Ada

Miley and Ester

My favorite Indian actor

Nick is tall

Nick is tall2

Nicolas Cage with Jane

Not afraid

Obamas and Ada

Obamas and Ana

Obamas and Jane

Obamas and Sofia

Ohh Edward

On stage with Beyonce

Performing together


Polititian Ada

Posing for photos together

President Ada

President Ana

President Jane

President Sofia


Princess Diana

Reggae rhythm

Ride in yellow cab

Royal family

Salvador Dali

Scary Godzilla in NY

Serena and Sofia

Serious business

Serious news

Serious news reporters


Sharukh Khan and Sofia

Sharukh Knah and Jane

Sing with us

Sofia and girls with Godzilla

Sofia and Nicolas Cage

Sofia inside Liberty Crown

Sofia on the line

Sofia on tv

Sofia reporter

Sofia with Beatles

Sofia writing constitution

Somebody save me

Spice Girls and Sofia

Spice Girls are here

Standing strong

Super team



Surrounded by famous presidents

Taylor Swift and Ada

Taylor Swift and Ana

Taylor Swift and Ana closeup

Taylor Swift is so tall

Tennis star Serena Williams

The Lion

The Lioness

Thor and Ada


Thru space and time

Tyra Banks and Ana

Watch for the paw

We are just friends

We are preety

We are so cool

We with Brangelina

Who is faster

Who is greener here

With buddy Spielberg

With Meryl Streep

Worldwide time

Young news reporters

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