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1 2 3 ready to race

1 2 3 running fast

Ada and Anastasia having fun

Ada can drive too

Ada in the water

Ada Jane at the camp site

Anastasia loves the lake

Anastasia with Dima


Angela and Sveta

Angela and Sveta2

Angela likes the boat

Angela swimming

Angela with daddy

Angela with daddy2

Ballet on the lake

Becca rules the boat

Becca rules the boat2

Big smile

Comfy float

Cool ride

Dima is strong too

Dima on top of Mike

Dima on top of Mike abort mission

Dima on top of Mike going down

Ester enjoys motoboat

Ester likes daddy shoulders

Ester loves swing

Ester makes marshmallows

Ester making sandcastle

Ester near our tent

Failed attempt

Failed attempt2

Freiders at the camp site

Girl in a pink hat

Girls playing in the water

Heya from the boat

Hippies in wild

I am still not cccold

I can do it

I can do it2

I can shoot far

Jane acrobat

Jane Dima Mike strike a pose

Jane Mike and kids in the lake

Jane playing with Ada

Junior campers

Just hanging in there

Kids enjoying motocycle ride

Kids with Jane

Kids with Mike


Lets dive

Making bubbles

Marshmallow cookout

Michael Becca playing with sand

Michael likes sand

Michael rules the boat

Mike is strong

Mike playing with Ester

Mommy is strong

Push me hard

Raising from the deep

Rebecca in cool glasses

Sand cake

Second step complete

Serious Michael

Silly girls


Smores are yummy

Sofia acrobat

Sofia acrobat2

Sofia Dima strike a pose

Sofia Dima strike a pose2

Sunglasses required

Sveta you can be acrobat too

Swing is fun

Victor and Sveta

Victor having fun

We can swim

We can walk miles like this

What beer can do to people

What beer can do to people2

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