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19th century vs 21st

Ada chocolate worker

Ada has white bar

Ada in Amish country

Ada in the barn

Ada insisted on face painting

Ada Jane near steam train

Ada Jane on the farm

Ada likes horses too

Ada on the train

Ada says yum

Ada sliding

Ada with a calf

Ada with her chocolate bar


Anyone wants a ride

At Bird In Hand market with daddy

At farm market with mom

Baby cow

Baby cow2


Beautiful butterfly

Big slids

Buggy in Lancaster

Buggy on a road

Candy shake dance

Cars vs buggies

Chef Ester

Chef Jane

Chef Mike

Chocolate bath

Chocolate dream

Chocolate river

Chocolate station

Colorful and happy

Cool Ada




Cute little chefs

Cute sisters

Cute swan

Daddy look at my doll

Doll collection

Driver Ester

Enjoying the ride

Ester and Ada

Ester doubles up on chocolate

Ester doubles up on chocolate2

Ester in Amish country

Ester likes carousel

Ester Mike on Sky Ride

Ester racing

Ester sliding

Ester waiting for her chocolate

Ester with daddy

Ester with her chocolate bar

Family of chefs

Family style is too much food

Fancy sisters


Fast ride

Fun train ride

Fun water ride

Green and black

Green and black2

Happy butterfly

Happy driver ada

Hershey Chocolate tasting


Heys from Jane


I like you

I look awesome

I love sherbet

I love these dolls

I will be a butterfly

Jane Ada at the Dutch Wonderland

Jane Ada in Amish country

Jane at Hershey Chocolate Factory

Jane Ester riding fast

Jane in countryside

Jane in Lancaster

Jane with cute horse

Jane with her chocolate bar

Kiddie rollercoaster

Kisses for me

Lancaster country side

Lancaster country side2

Lemonade anyone

Little chef Ada

Little tasters

Lonely tree

Look at my face painting

Look at my yummy chocolate

Making our chocolate

Making our chocolate2

Mike Ada in Amish country

Mike Jane Ada near train

Mike racing

Mike with his chocolate bar

Mike with his chocolate bar2

Must be patient

Nuts for Jane chocolate

Nuts for Mike chocolate

On a buggy ride

On the ride

Open car

Open car2

Our carriage

Our chocolate

Our chocolate bars

Packing candy

Passing by


Perfect farm

Pink sisters


Prince Ada with Princess Jane

Prince Jane with Princess Ada

Ready to ride

Red Caboose Motel

Riding fast

Secure cartoner machine

Serious Ada

Serious Ester

Silly Mike

Silly whale

Sleeping passengers

Smoke over fields

Smoke over fields2

Sprinkles on top

Striking a pose

Super green


Tall ester

The ride

This is so green

Time for the chocolate syrup

Tiny horse


Tired feet

Tricky driving


Turning more


Waiting for a buggy ride

We at Good N Plenty restaurant

We at the Amish farm

We just arrived

We with a steam train

Wrapping station


Yummy lemonade

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