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Ada and furry lamb Nov

Ada at holiday music concert

Ada at Russian Yolka

Ada making snow angel

Ada ready for school

Ada watching performance

Ada with Madison

Adas funky pumpkins

Big sisters

Catch the ball

Cold but happy

Cute cousins

Dont go far

Dressed up for piano concert

Driveway drawings

Ester and cat with clarinet

Ester at Russian Yolka

Ester at the winter band concert

Ester is not so ready

Ester loves snow

Ester selfie Nov

Esters cute pumpkins

Everyone watching

Family skating time

Fancy girls at Shirin Cafe

Figure skater Ada

First day of school

First snow Dec


Girls at Russian Yolka

Girls at Russian Yolka Dec

Girls at the Uzbek restaurant

Girls watching Baba Yaga

Girls with Ded Moroz Snegurochka Baba Yaga

Grandma Lara

Happy grandma

Holiday cakes

I gonna get you

Jane with kids

Kids at Sofia bday

Lara with grandkids

Lets dance

Little girl with Ded Moroz

Little kids excited at Russian Yolka

Little snowman

Look at my new backpack

Making guacamole at Del Sol

Mama and I

Merry bathtime

Mike and Andrew

Mike and I selfie

Mike and Jane skating

Mike with Ester


Mommy lets play

Our little tree in snow

Peace sign by Ester

Performing by memory

Playing music

Playing with snow on a deck

Pumpkin family

Pumpkins fashionistas

Pumpkins say cheese

Rolling fast

Say cheese


Silly Ada and Ana at Sofia bday

Silly girl

Sledding is fun

Snegurochka Ded Moroz with kids

Snegurochka singing

Snow angels

Snow is fun

Snow is yummy

Snowy street

Strong anastasia


Teat time at Madison birthday

Too many photos

Too slow

Toscanas rulez Dec

Us at Russian Yolka

Who are you dressed up as

Winter concert at Eisenhower


Yummy chicken

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