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3rd graders at Monster Mash

Ada Beatriz Avanti at Monster Mash

Ada in character

Ada with Lindsey

Ada with Lindsey2

Ada with Mr Lembo

Ada with Ms Naselli

Avanti with her mom

Awesome graveyard

BFFs at the Monster Mash

Dont you like me

Girls at the Halloween Parade

Girls ready to roll

Gymnast Ester

Halloween Parade

Halloween party at Milltown

Halloween party at Milltown2

Halloween party at Milltown3

Halloween party at Milltown4

Halloween Party at Mrs Coughlin class

I love gymnastics

Lovely ESter

Mrs Coughlin with Ada and Avanti

Pumped up trick or treaters

Scared Brooke

Scary doll

Scary doll2

Seriously scary

Silly Mathew

SWAT Jane and scay doll Ada

Vibha Ada at the Monster Mash

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