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9 candles for Ester

123 Blow

A cool birthday cake for Ester

Ada and Monica

Ada drinking water

Ada on the slide

Ada on trampoline

Amira and Heather

Amira and Noelle

Ana on the slide


Balancing beam exercise

Balancing beam exercise2

Balancing beam exercise3

Balancing beam exercise4

Balancing beam exercise5

Balancing beam exercise6

Balancing beam exercise7

Balancing beam exercise8

Balancing beam exercise9

Balancing beam exercise10

Balancing beam exercise11

Balancing beam exercise12

Balancing beam exercise13

Big hug

Birthday girl and a cake

Birthday girl with mom

Blasting off

Blasting off2

Blasting off3

Candle time

Cindy and Allie

Cindy and Brooke

Climbing thru


Ester Ana Jane Larisa

Ester and Allie

Ester and Ana

Ester and Noelle

Ester on the slide

Ester relaxing

Ester with mom and dad

Flying Ester

Flying high

Flying high2

Flying high3

Flying high4

Flying high5

Flying high6

Flying high7

Flying high8

Flying high9

Flying high10

Flying high11

Flying high12

Flying high13

Flying high14

Flying high15

Flying high16

Flying high17

Flying high18

Flying high19

Flying high20

Flying high21


Go girls

Going thru obstacle course

Happy Allie

Happy Ana

Happy Birthday Ester

Happy Ester

Jane and Larisa

Jumping is cool

Jumping is cool2

Jumping is cool3

Jumping is cool4

Jumping is cool5

Jumping is cool6

Jumping is cool7

Jumping is cool8

Jumping is cool9

Jumping is cool10

Jumping is cool11

Jumping is cool12

Jumping is cool13

Jumping is cool14

Jumping is cool16

Jumping is cool17

Jumping is cool18

Jumping is cool19

Looking at the baloon

Make a wish


Mommy and me

Monica and Ada

Only girls












Parachute game

Parachute game2

Parachute game3

Parachute game4

Parachute game5

Parachute game6

Pizza time

Pizza time2

Pizza time3

Pizza time4

Ready to blast off

Ready to run

Sarah and Allie

Sarah and Ana

Sarah and Brooke

Short break

Short break2

Silly girls

Slide fun

Smiley Ada

So happy

Soft pit dive

Soft pit dive2

Soft pit dive3

Soft pit dive4

Soft pit dive5

Soft pit dive6

Soft pit dive7

Soft pit dive8

Soft pit dive9

Soft pit dive10

Soft pit dive11

Soft play

Soft play2

Soft play3

Watching kids

We with birthday girl

We with birthday girl2

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