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5min break

6 candles this time

123 go

123 jump

Ada crawling

Ada fits right in

Ada likes pizza too

Ada sliding again

Ada sliding too

Ada with big sister

Alek sliding


Alexia climbing

Alexia ready to slide

Alexia Sliding

Alexias parents


Alisa climbing

Alisa just arrived

Alisa passing thru

Alisa sliding

All the girls

All the girls2

Ana Alisa eating

Ana climbing

Ana eating

Ana sliding


Are you talking to me

At the kitchen

Balloon bigger than I

Big hug

Big smile

Birthday cake for Ester

Birthday girl

Blowing hard

Boys with Liz


Brooke jumping

Candle time

Climbing line

Climbing prep time

Crawling thru

Cute Stephi

Daddy and I



Do not interrupt me


eesha climbing

Eesha eating icecream

Eesha sliding

Eesha sliding fast

Ester Alisa eaiting cake

Ester and Alisa

Ester climbing

Ester climbing2

Ester in Kid Zone

Ester sliding fast

Eugene at the picnic

Eugene is not too Tall either

Eugene with Stephi

Everybody jumps

Everybody jumps2

Everyone loves icecream

Everyone loves slides

Everyone wants the best piece

Feeding Ada

Follow the leader

Funny sisters

Game is over time to go


Girls arriving

Girls chatting

Give me the one with flower

Grandma with kids

Happy Alexia

Happy birthday girl

Happy driving

Happy Eesha

Happy Stephi

Hey catch me

Hooray for Ester

I need water

I need your Smile

I want the biggest piece



Jane almost flying

Jane and Mike

Jane outdoors

Jane outdoors2

Jane with kids

Joyful conversation


Katya and Vicky waiting

Katya landed

Katya loves icrecream too

Katya sliding

Kids in ball pool

Kids love ball bath

Kids love ball bath2

Kids love ball bath3


Larisa and Elaine

Like a wind

Marina going down Fast

Moether and daughter

More guests arriving

My car and I

Nata dancing

Nata having fun too


Photo me from the back please

Pizza time

Pizza time2

Prepare to slide

Rian sliding

Romantic Jane and Mike

Romantic Nata and Eugene

Running fast


Sam goes head first

Serious Katya

Singing Happy Birthday

Speed race

Stephi climbing

Stephi climbing2

Stephi eating

Stephi enjoys slides

Stephi having fun

Stephi watching

Tea time

Too fast Nick


Vicky can eat pizza too

Vicky loves ball play

Waiting for cake

Watching kids

Who is faster

Who said no running

With youngest granddaughter

Yummy pizza

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