albums:Kids Holidays:Ada 10years Birthday Back

Ada and fluffy friends

Ada and Ritika

Ada in Hollywood

Ada in Vegas

Ada with friends

Ada with friends in Singapore

Ada with mama

Aliens and girls

Alient visit


Allie at Bellagio

Allie in Vegas

Attending a festival


Ava in Vegas

Ava likes aliens too

Beatriz attending festival

Beatriz in Vegas

Beautiful birthday girl 1

Beautiful birthday girl 2

Beautiful birthday girl 3

Big sisters in Santa Monica

Big sisters in Santa Monica bw

Big sisters in Vegas

Birthday cake for birthday girl

Birthday girl

Chloe in Vegas

Chloe likes aliens too

Cool girls in LA

Crowd in Singapore

Cute Allie and Ester

Cute girls in Vegas

Ester and Allie in Singapore

Ester in Vegas

Ester knows fashion

Ester likes Vegas

Ester loves LA

Friends at Bellagio

Friends crowd

Friends together

Girls in Santa Monica

Happy birthday to my daughter

Happy girls

Jane and Ester with cake

Jane with girls

Jane with girls 2

Lets ride

Lets tour


Luana in LA

Luana likes aliens too

Madison in Vegas

Madison rocks in LA

Make a wish

Marisol in Singapore

Marisol in Vegas

Monica at Santa Monica

Monica in Vegas

Organizer Jane

Party dinner

Party dinner 2

Party dinner 3

Party dinner 4

Preparing the cake

Rachel Ada Swar in Vegas

Rachel and Luana

Rachel at Santa Monica

Rachel ready to play ball with aliens

Ritika and Ada

Ritika and Ada2

Ritika attending festival

Ritika in Vegas

Silly girls


Sisters in Singapore

Swar attending festival

Swar in Santa Monica

Swar in Santa Monica bw


Sydney and Chloe at Bellagio

Sydney and Ritika in Singapore

Sydney in Vegas

Sydney likes aliens too

With my little birthday girl

Yey birthday girl

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