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  Holiday Party

Ada likes lazy way up

Alex and Natalya

Ana and Ada tubing

Bye bye Killington

Country deli

Country side Vermont

Country side Vermont2

Everyone must ski

Fun family


Guess who

Ice skating 1

Ice skating 2

Ice skating 3

Ice skating 4

Ice skating 5

Ice skating 6

Ice skating 7

Ice skating 8

Ice skating 9

Ice skating 10

Icicles at Killington

In gondola

It was fun

Jane likes tubing too

Jane on top of the mountain

Jane ready to ski

Kids took lessons here

Maggie and Max

Natalya and Jane

Near yurt at Killington

On top of Killington

Snow everywhere

Snowy trees

Sofia Ana on top of the mountain

Sofia ready to ski

Time to drive back

Tubing is fun

View from the top

View from the top2

We dont want to leave

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