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Ada and Jane at Ausable river

Ada Ester Jane

Ada Katya on the bridge

Ada loves ice skating

Ada loves tubing

Ada singing

Alex and Natalya near falls

All kids on the bridge

Amazing nature

Ana Katya Kostya at fire pit

Anastasia and Julia

Anastasia performing

Anastasia performing2

Anastasia singing

Anastasia skating

Another side of the falls gorge

Ausable river

Ausable river bw

Birthday girl

Burned marshmallow anyone

Cant wait to get presents

Celebratory dinner preparation

Clouds over Lake Flower

Cooking mamas

Cooking mamas and papa

Cooking marshmallows

Cool girls

Cooling off

Crossing the river

Cute Masha

Decorated with kids

Ded Moroz

Ded Moroz gives presents

Dinner is ready


Dressed up for New Yeas

Dressed up Jane

Drunken moose

Elegant Natalya

Ester outdoors

Ester skating indoors

Ester skating with daddy

Ester unpacking presents

Ester with marshmallow

Eviana Ada skating together

Eviana and Vladana

Eviana Ester tubing together

Family party at the falls

Fancy Sofia

Feist has started

Figure skater Ester

Figure skater Katya

Flowers in fog

Fog over Lake Flower

Foggy morning

Foggy morning bw

Freiders ice skating





Frozen Ausable River

Fruits wine women

Girls ice skating

Girls in winter

Girls making salads

Girls playing

Gorge from above

Grilling marchmallows

Happy 2011 to everyone

Happy Ada and Jane

Happy girls on skates

Happy hikers

Happy hikers with Mike

Happy Mike

Happy skater Ada

Having fun

Hi five

Hi five from Ester

High Falls Gorde

Hot chocolate treat

I love flowers

I love hot chocolate

Jane and Mike

Jane and Nata

Jane and Sofia

Jane at Ausable river

Jane at the frozen falls

Jane at the park

Jane Mike Ada Yulia

Jane Mike on New Year Eve

Jane near strange tree

Julia Anastasia unpacking presents

Just girls

Just twenty one

Katya cooking marshmallow

Katya in red

Katya Jane Ester Ada on skates

Katya Jr outdoors

Katya junior on skates

Katya Natalya cooking marshmallows

Katya with Yulia and Ada

Kids dancing

Kids getting Ready to hike

Kids want gifts


Kostya and Katya

Kostya with Yulia Ada

Kostya with Yulia and Ada


Little performers

Look at all my gifts

Magic in the air

Marshmallow cook off

Marshmallow portrait

Marshmallows for everyone

Masha and Katya by the falls

Masha and Yulia dancing

Masha and Yulia performing

Masha outdoors

Masha unpacking presents

Masked Ded Moroz

Merry Alex

Mike and Jane near falls

Mike Ester tubing

Mike Natalya skating

Mike with Yulia and Ada

Mommy want to see my gifts

Morning in Saranac Lake

Moss survives

Nata and Sasha

Nata at the table

Nata Sasha at the falls



Natalya and Jane

Natalya and Katya

Natalya and Katya2

Natalya skating

Natalya with Katya at the falls

Natalya with Katya at the falls2

Natural bridge

Our kids

Our kids2

Our New Year Tree2

Over the river


Performing for Ded Moroz

Pictionary by Kostya

Preparing for a hike

Quiet moment

Ready to go

Ready to roll

Running from mommy

Salad preparation for New Year

Sasha relaxing

Serious matter

Silly kids


Skating with kids

Sly smile

Smiling Katya

Smiling Sofia

Snow princess

Snowball fight

Sofia and Jane at the falls

Sofia and Vladana at the falls

Sofia at Ausable river

Sofia likes marshmallows too

Sofia near strange tree

Sofia outdoors

Speedskater Jane

Speedskater Katyusha

Sportsy Jane

Striking a pose

Strong roots

Sweet treatment

Thank you Mike

Tired Jane

Tubing is fun

Unpacking presents

Very funny


Vladana at the falls

Vladana with Ada had a cool ride

Vladanas turn to play

Waterfall closeup

We at High Falls Gorge

We love tubing

When can we start eating

When can we start eating2

Who is faster

Wide smile

Wow we are so high

Yulia bw

Yulia Mike Ada


Yummy birthday cake

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