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  Dressed Up

Ada enjoys skating with daddy

Ada likes her puppy

Ada likes snow

Ada on skates

Ada opening presents

Ada with daddy while tubing

Ada with mommy while tubing

Almost 12 oclock

Almost asleep

Ana helps Ada to skate

Ana Jane skating

Ana opening presents

Bundled up Sofia

Can I open now

Cute couple

Dima and Sasha on ice

Does it suit me

Ester likes her present

Ester opening presents

Friendly chat


Girls and boys

Happy girls on the Olympic rink

I can even walk by myself

I have very cool icicle

I have very long icicle

I like to sled like this

Ice castle builders and warriors

Ice skating sisters

Ice skating team

In the tubing line

Jane and Mike on skates

Jane is ready to tube too

Jane with Ada on the rink

Late dinner

Learning ice skating again

Litte dwarf Sofia

Litte dwarf Sofia2

Magic show

Magic show2

Magician Anastasia

Mike Ester on ice

Mike goes for one more time

Mike Jane on skates


Playing in a snow

Ready to tube downhill

Really learning ice skating

Santa Clauses

Saranac Lake

Second New Year dinner

Serious skater Dmitry

Skater Anastasia

Smiley girl

Snow wonderland

Snowy winter

Sofa Jane on skates

Sofia Dima tubing

Sofia with daughter on skates

Speed skater Ada

Speed skater Jane

Speed skater Sofia

This sign did not stop Alex Natalya

Tubing crew

Tubing rulez

Warming up after tubing

Warming up at the lodge

We in Saranac Lake all kids

We in Saranac Lake with Dima

We in Saranac Lake with Sasha

What is inside

Who can skate better

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