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A portrait

A princess with birthday flowers

A princess with flowers


Cool fireworks

Cool fireworks2

Cool fireworks3

Denis in the chair

Denis Nata on New Year night

Dennis at the beach

Dennis Nata at the beach


Enjoying fresh air


Fireworks closeup

Fireworks closeup2

Flowers and birthday girl


Funny Jane

Girls near MOMA

God fairy Nata

Happy girls

Having fun


It s Jane

Jane at New Year party

Jane at the beach

Jane at the ship

Jane before party

Jane by the water

Jane in chair

Jane Mike on New Year night

Jane Mike on New Year party

Jane Nata near Golden Gate bridge

Jane near SFMOMA

Jane near SFMOMA2

Jane portrait

Jane with Christmas tree

Laughing Jane in chair

Lets celebrate

Mike at New Year party

Mike at the beach

Mike in chair

Mike Jane at the beach

Mike with Christmas tree

More dancing

Nata Dennis on New Year party

Nata relaxing

Nata with Christmas tree


Natalya in the morning

New Year night

On the next morning

On the next morning 2

Photographer Mike


Still sleepy

Thinking Jane in chair

Warming up after party

We dancing

We near Golden Gate bridge

We on the cruise ship

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