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A bit tired

At the campfire

Bandanas Ada Vibha

Bandanas Lets start

Boating Ada Vibha rowing

Boating Almost ready

Boating Experienced sailors

Boating Experienced sailors2

Boating Fernanda and Samrita

Boating Front sailors

Boating Funny Ada

Boating Funny Jane Ada

Boating Girls rowing

Boating Jane with girls

Boating Ready to go

Boating Sabitha with Samrita

Boating Veronica

Boating Veronica with Fernanda

Boating Vibha and Ada

Breakfast time

Breakfast time Big smile

Breakfast time Heya

Breakfast time Silly girls

Breakfast time Together

Campfire Big smiles from our troop

Campfire Singing

Candle making Ada

Candle making Fernanda Ada

Candle making This looks weird

Crafts Ada

Crafts Fernanda

Crafts Look at my pin

Fernanda Ada girls rule


Fun bandanas

Games Ada running

Games Ada running2

Games Fernanda running

Games Funny sailors

Games Running away

Games Sailors

Games Sailors2

Games Samrita Vibha

Games Vibha running

Girls after long busy day

Girls at our tent

Girls at our tent2

Girlscout sisters

Girlscouts are fun

Girlscouts together

Happy moms with girls

Jane Veronica with girls

Jane Veronica with girls at the lake

Lake Ada Fernanda rowing

Lake Ada rowing

Lake Big smile

Lake Fernanda rowing

Lake Heya from Ada

Lake Its cool to live here

Lake Jane with Ada

Lake Just girls

Lake Ladies in red

Lake Lets move it

Lake Mommy hug

Lake No more photos

Lake Rowing is hard

Lake Sabitha with Samrita

Lake Samrita

Lake Samrita checking water

Lake Samrita enjoying the ride

Lake Samrita likes the boat

Lake Samrita relaxing

Lake Samrita rowing

Lake Samrita Veronica rowing

Lake Silly Ada

Lake Silly Fernanda Ada

Lake Silly girls

Lake Veronica and Ada

Lake Veronica and Sabitha

Lake Veronica with Fernanda

Lake Veronica with Samrita

Lake view

Lake We with Samrita

Lets be silly

Our girlscouts at the lake

Our little Brownie GS

Outdoor cooking Fernanda

Outdoor cooking Fern..a Ada making simores

Outdoor cooking Fernanda Vibha simores

Outdoor cooking Girls Cooking

Outdoor cooking girlscouts Everywhere

Outdoor cooking lets cook

Outdoor cooking Listening

Outdoor cooking Little chefs

Outdoor cooking Playing slide

Outdoor cooking Playing slide2

Outdoor cooking rules

Outdoor cooking rules2

Outdoor cooking simores

Outdoor cooking Tired a bit

Outdoor cooking Vibha Ada

Outdoor cooking Vibha Ada playing

Outdoor cooking Vibha making pie

Outdoor cooking Wanna some

Outdoor cooking Who wants marshmallow

Outdoor cooking Yum

Rope course Ada

Rope course Ada swinging

Rope course Ada Vibha

Rope course Brownies lined up

Rope course Last few steps

Rope course Moving slowly

Rope course Ready to go

Rope course Samrita

Rope course Samrita Fernanda

Rope course Say cheese

Rope course Sorted

Rope course Spiderweb

Rope course Spotting Fernanda

Rope course Spotting girls

Rope course Spotting Samrita

Rope course Tarzan

Rope course Vibha

Rope course Who is first

Rope course Wobbly

Sabitha Veronica with girls at the lake

Sabitha Veronica with girls at the lake2

Silly dancing

Silly dancing2

Silly dancing Ada

Silly dancing Fernanda

Silly dancing Samrita

Silly dancing Vibha

TieDye Ada making shirt

TieDye Making shirts

Troop 60084

Veronica with girls

We are troop 60084

We love campout

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